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tagmemystrich asked: Given all the posts on the Hardcovers being free, I thought I'd try sending an ask about something that's bothered me for a while: The Adventure Paths. To get all of them is just way too expensive. I'm assuming it's the fullcolor art, the stories and lore, etc more than the adventure - but sometimes, I just really want to run what sounds like a cool adventure but then don't want to spend $100 or more to go level 1-20. Have their ever been thoughts to release cheaper adventure only books?


There have been thoughts! Many thoughts! So many thoughts that we release a ton of non-Adventure Path adventures for EXACTLY this reason!

While the Pathfinder Adventure Path series features some of our most elaborate gaming experiences, epic stories, and lavish presentations, you we know you don’t always need the deluxe experience.

Pathfinder Modules: If you want single adventures to take characters through multiple sessions and levels (sometimes just 2 or 3, sometimes many, many more) check out Pathfinder Modules. We typically have two formats for these, a host of 32-page adventures and deluxe 64-page adventures (which for about the price of an Adventure Path gives you a complete story with more adventure than an AP volume). We’ve got dozens of these guys at this point. Occasionally we even do crazy, major stuff, like the upcoming Emerald Spire Superdungeon. Click the link above to check out the whole range.

Pathfinder Society Scenarios: Don’t want to dish out $15 to $25 for numerous sessions of gaming? That’s cool! We’ve got you covered with hundreds of Pathfinder Society Scenarios. While these PDF-only adventures are tied into our Pathfinder Society organized play campaign, you don’t need to be a member to play them or know anything special to run them as normal Pathfinder adventures. Because that’s what they are: normal Pathfinder adventures. They typically cost about $3 or $4 bucks, though there’s a few special cases and freebies. We’ve got five whole seasons worth of these adventures. Check ‘em out: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5.

Other Adventures: Looking for adventures for a specific level or trying to build a whole campaign? Finding the right adventures can be a pain, we know. That’s why we created the Adventure Finder on paizo.com. This organizes not just our Pathfinder adventures, but TONS of other companies Pathfinder and Pathfinder compatible adventures by the character levels they’re meant to challenge. Paizo’s not the only game in town, so flip through the adventure finder, where there’s tons for diverse interests (and budgets!).

Free Adventures: Don’t want to spend a cent? We’ve got a bunch of free adventures from past Free RPG Days as well! Master of the Fallen Fortress, Dawn of the Scarlet Sun, the hilarious We Be Goblins (pictured above) and We Be Goblins Too! and others are all just waiting for you to download them on paizo.com. Heck! Our first Pathfinder adventure, Hollow’s Last Hope (which I was one of the authors on!) was a free adventure!

Your Adventures: Really, you never need to spend a cent on Paizo’s projects. While I think we do some pretty amazing things and, often, amazing comes with a price tag—so we can like… eat food and have shelter and do more awesomer things—one of the best things about Pathfinder and RPGs in general is that you can always make up your own stuff! I’ve posted a bunch of links recently to how Paizo gives away all the Pathfinder RPG game rules FOR FREE, so if you ever want to just grab some friends, dice, and start telling whatever cool story you want, you’ve got rules, stat blocks, and tons of options on hand wherever you’ve got an internet connection.

Hope that’s helpful. Thanks a ton for asking!


$20 for an adventure of Paizo’s quality that is going to last several game sessions is an incredible bargain.

Between them and Paizo’s others Pathfinder adventures and third party adventures, you can spend an awful lot of time adventuring for, in the end, only a few bucks an hour. The snacks and drinks you have during the game are probably more expensive than the books.

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Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever been a stripper?
In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever been to a strip club.

Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever done porn?
In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever watched porn.

You’re the reason we exist.
You’re the demand to our supply.
If you disdain sex workers, don’t you dare consume our labor.

As they say in the industry, “People jack off with the left hand and point with the right.”

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Don't Be a Con Creeper


Convention season is starting, which means over the next 5-6 months, the internet will report incidents of creepy behavior, harassment, stalking, and, sadly, likely a few stories about actual assault taking place at geek-related conventions across the country. And if the pattern of past years hold…

Great stuff from Jessica Price about bad behavior at conventions.

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Props to my 6 year old self for calling out bullshit at an early age.

A few years back, a bank teller asked me how I was doing. I said “Today kinda sucks, work is driving me crazy.” She replied with: “When I hate work, I go home and kill things in World of Warcraft.”

That’s reality.


Props to my 6 year old self for calling out bullshit at an early age.

A few years back, a bank teller asked me how I was doing. I said “Today kinda sucks, work is driving me crazy.” She replied with: “When I hate work, I go home and kill things in World of Warcraft.” That’s reality.

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Kickstarter Kicks Off Fight Over Shakespeare And Lovecraft

This DMCA request is very off-base, but I want to bring attention to one of the lines in it:

"Shakespeare v Lovecraft, a horror comedy novel, was originally published in 2012 by Amazon."

This is not true. Take a look at the SvL page on Amazon, and you’ll see these lines:

"Publisher: Obiedan Publications (April 14, 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.”

It’s very clear, this title was published using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. Almost anyone can use this service: if you are smart enough to fill in some web forms and make an ePub/Mobi file, you can sell stuff using this service. But they aren’t “publishing” your work.

Amazon’s KDP service operates like a consignment shop: you put your book in their storefront, and each time your book sells, they give you money and take a percentage of it.

The same is true for Amazon CreateSpace, which is how Obiedan produces and sells the print versions of SvL: print on demand titles that a human being at Amazon has likely never read, much less “published.” Printing and distributing something is not publishing.

Amazon’s KDP service is not your publisher. You are. In this case, Obiedan Publications (Dan O’Brien) is the publisher of SvL. Trying to claim that Amazon published SvL is factually incorrect at best, and disingenuous at worst.

I look forward to Kickstarter disregarding this frivilous DMCA notice, and to supporting Prospero’s Price when it’s back online.

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Mrs. Murphy: Dade?
Dade Murphy: Yeah Ma?
Mrs. Murphy: What are you doing?
Dade Murphy: I’m taking over a TV Network.
Mrs. Murphy: Finish up honey and get some sleep. Happy Birthday.

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So today I wrote two very long, well one longish, and a second much longer and more detailed, negative reviews about http://stygianfox.com/ and their first two issues of The Dragons of Britain, a free fanzine for the King Arthur Pendragon RPG. I mean I…

I actually tried to help the guy that publishes this, because fixing it down to a 20MB or so download is really simple (I took a look at his InDesign file and had it fixed up + written instructions for him + provided him with a partially fixed file) in under an hour.

But, simple fact is he doesn’t know how to use InDesign that well and didn’t want to learn some best practices to make his files not only better for the reader, but a lot easier for him to build and update

I only dispense free advice once if someone isn’t willing to listen.

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I am not a "Woman Gamer"


I know this is linguistic nitpicking, but I’m an editor, so I’m going to go ahead and do it.

I am not a “gamer female.” Generally speaking, when applied to humans, “female” should be an adjective. “Female” is a fine noun when applied to nonhuman creatures for whom the word “woman” would be an…